Studio Session One: Creepy Music Creation

Studio Session One: Creepy Music Creation

 This is Jade Melody Composing, and I'm going to be blogging during tonights studio session as I create some new music! Tonight I'm going to be going for a more creepy sounding song in G minor, and it is the perfect night for it! We've had rain throughout the day, large storms moving close and away all around us, and now the sun has slipped beneath the horizon creating a great night-time view for the theme of tonights work,

I have an idea of what id like the song that I'll be creating tonight to sound like and I'm going to be starting off with some pads as I often enjoy doing. I like to think of making music as sort of like building a house. I think of the pad, string sounds as sort of like a foundation, as many people do, so that's what I will often times start off with.

I've got two sounds in mind tonight for the foundation, the first is sort of like synthetic sounding strings fused with something like the sound of wind. The second is a stronger more natural stringed ensemble. These two sound will be playing the same thing creating a full sounding pad that still has a level of airyness and creepyness so that things don't end up sounding to bright.

After I've created a nice, dark sounding chord progression with this pad, I move on to the next level of this relatively simple song. I use another string ensemble to create a melody line, it's a dark sounding collection of notes that fits very well into the chord progression, and now these three tracks alone are already pulling the song I have in mind together. The melody line works well, it's almost like the song is a ship fighting against a stormy sea and the stringed melody is like it's navigator guiding the song through the fearful waves.

Now I want to add a little more structure apart from these tracks. I elect to put in a piano track, and once I have the instrument all ready, I get started in coming up with a creepy sounding, one note at a time pattern that will play throughout the song. It doesn't take long at all, but another piano track comes to mind as I play the entire song back to hear what I have so far.

This track is going to be structural as well but with much lower notes held for much longer adding a more doomful flare to match the creepiness of what I already have. The lower notes on a piano will work well for this purpose without me having to modify the sound that I get other than adding reverb like I did with the first piano track to give the feeling of a large dark space in which anything can be creeping. I keep this track simple playing two notes at a time, each the same, only seperated by an octave to create a solid but not overpowering doomful sound that isn't so intense that it destroys the creepy flow of the song.

 Now I've got one more track in mind, a choral track that I'm not sure is going to work for the song but I'm going to go ahead and make it and see how it sounds before I make a decision on it. Now that I am hearing the entire thing put together, I think that there is a chance that it may work well. I start with using the same chords I used on the pad but this ends up being a bit to low, and with the previous piano track I made, it actually starts to muddy up the sound, so I go an octave higher on every note. Now it sounds good and fuses with the rest of the song nicely. I decide to keep it in as it adds a nice subtle level of creepiness over the entire project.

After listening to the song a few more times, followed by mixing and mastering, I decide that I am very happy with it and that there is no more need to add anything further tonight. I'm going to let the song sit for a short while and come back to listen to it again to make sure that I am happy with it. I find that letting a song sit for anywhere from a few hours to a few days can help you listen to it with fresh ears which is helpful in hearing parts that need further mixing and mastering or modification, or hearing whether the song needs the addition or the removal of parts and tracks.

Thank you for reading the first of our new studio session blogs! We wont always being doing creepy stock music for this series of blogs, the theme of the project will change up each time and we're planning on getting a live studio session stream started as well so that you can watch us creating new work and have fun with us as we enjoy time in the studio!


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