Studio Session 8: Light Background Music

Studio Session 8: Light Background Music

Jade Melody Composing here. It's a beautiful day in the countryside where the studio is located. The weather is bright and sunny, with a clear blue sky, and it's forecasted to be in the 80s. This weather perfectly complements the theme of today's music. We will be creating a light stock music background track, a softer type of song that invokes relaxation and calmness. This type of music is often in high demand for various projects, so we want to ensure that we have plenty of it to meet everyone's needs.

We will start by creating a good, relaxing foundational pad track. I have chosen a soft, slightly airy sound that I have previously used in space ambient projects. I believe it will work nicely for this song. Since I am starting without much planning, it may take a bit more time, but if I achieve the goal for this song, it will be a very relaxing session.

Once I have a good relaxing chord progression, I decide to add a choral pad as well. However, it will be more of a spacey choir to match the style of the first pad. The two pads work well together and create a relaxing foundation for the entire song.

At this point, I decide to create bass and percussion tracks for the song. The bass will be simple and relaxed, in line with the chill tone of the song. It will serve as a supportive element, similar to building the framework of a house. Its purpose is to add a relaxing groove and blend everything together.

Next, I create the drum tracks, keeping them simple to establish a good foundational beat that also contributes to the song's groove. So far, the project is turning into a relaxing piece with a soft beat. I usually record the percussion on three or four different tracks. Sometimes, if I'm on an actual set instead of using a drum machine, I'll record the beat on one track.

Now, I am considering adding a gentle lead, possibly with a soft lead sound or a key sound on a synthesizer. Finding or creating the right sound for this song may take some time. Fortunately, I come across a preset that I really like. While I enjoy creating sounds with synths, sometimes a preset is perfect for the song. I create a simple lead piece for the first portion of the song using this sound, and it works out nicely. I even add a little echo to a portion of the lead to add depth to the track.

For the second portion of the song, I plan to change up the lead a bit, but I will likely keep the same sound. Since this is a background song, it will be longer compared to a simple transitional or intro track, and it will have different changing sections. However, with background music, it's important not to make the changes and leads too distracting from the main focus of the project that the song is being used for.

After some experimentation, I decide that the overall goal of the song is better served without a second lead. I believe allowing this portion to play as an in-between for the lead sections is more effective. Adding a lead change here, regardless of how gentle it may be, would be too distracting. I like the way it flows as it is. After a certain number of run-throughs without a lead, I will bring the first lead back in. With all the synth sounds used in this song, it creates a pleasant and futuristic-sounding light stock music track.

I briefly consider adding some structural tracks with non-synth instruments, but I ultimately decide against it. With what the song has so far, it makes for a good relaxing background track, especially suitable for science fiction-themed videos, podcasts, or other projects with a similar theme.

After spending some time making adjustments, carefully considering any possible additions, and doing a few other things with the song, I decide to let it sit for a while. I will listen to it again later with fresh ears to ensure that I don't hear any shortcomings or other issues. Then, I will proceed with the mix and master.


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