How to Grow Your YouTube Presence

Youtube is one of the most popular social media and video sharing platforms on the internet today. One could even say that it has become the most popular video sharing platform that there is. From creative directors and daily life vloggers all the way to businesses looking to get the word about their services and products out, there are many reasons to get started on YouTube and in this article we are going to talk about how to grow your youtube presence.


One of the most important things you can do to grow your youtube presence is to stay consistent in multiple ways. For example, you'll want to keep the subject of your videos relatively consistent. Often times, viewers subscribe to specific channels because they are interested in the subject or subjects which that channel is about. Going off subject often can lead to not only a loss in subscribers who may become frustrated, but also can lead new viewers to not realize what your channel is really about. This can cause a loss in potential new subscribers as they may not realize that your channel covers a subject that they are interested in if your videos go off subject too often.

Another important way to be consistent is by consistently posting new videos. A channel that appears inactive may cause viewers to avoid subscribing, and may cause that channels current subscribers to unsubscribe. Periods of inactivity can also make it less likely for people to find your videos or your channel, especially if your competition is actively posting during your period of inactivity.

A great way to stay consitently active is to organize for yourself a video posting schedule, whether its once a day or three times a week, keeping a consistent posting schedule can help attract new viewers and subscribers, and is extremely imporant for growing your YouTube presence.


Posting high quality videos with high quality content is another important step in growing your presence on YouTube. These days we are fortunate enough to be in a time where you can find a good quality camera for a relatively low price. Because of how quickly camera quality has improved, you don't have to spend a major ammount of money to be able to produce videos with a high quality image. The majority of digital cameras these days are high defenition which is perfect for creating great quality videos for YouTube! Thanks to the technological progress of cameras, this is often going to be an easy step to achieve, all it takes is a little research and budget planning.

Remember to leave room in your budget to cover your videos sound as well. You don't want rough, distorted sound in your videos. If they're hard to hear viewers will often avoid watching them. Fortunately many cameras come with decent sound recording capabilities and you also have the option of looking for afforable mics to help boost your sound quality to the next level.

Now for the more difficult, but honestly more fun aspect of your videos quality, content quality. Content quality is what's going to help you keep your viewers once they find your videos and it will help to turn them into subscribers. Once you have decided on what your videos will be about, you're going to want to spend time planning out the style of your videos, such as the style of filming. For example, you might try point of view filming, or maybe filming with a greenscreen so that you can add effects later.

You're also going to want to spend time planning out how your videos will be organized. For example, will your video have an intro and an outro? Will your video  be filmed using multple scenes in specific locations? Will you use the same space to film most of your videos? All of these can be important depending on what your videos are about.

 If your videos are about video game reviews, you may find having a well set up game room scene to film most of your videos in beneficial. Not only can having a consistent, and well set up scene add an asthetic pleasantness to your videos, it can also help relay to potential new viewers what your videos are consistently about and make them more likely to hit the subscribe button if that's a subject that they're interested in.


Getting The Word Out

Getting the word out about your YouTube channel and videos can take some time but we are going to tell you about the two most imporant tools in this step right now, patience, and consistency. Don't give up on the entire project if your first view videos don't get many views, and don't lessen the attention you give to the project if it's not immediatly achieving the results that you are working towards. Often times it can take a little while to get things moving and to start getting high viewership for your videos.

One of the most powerful tools we have to help get things moving with viewership is the use of hashtags. Hashtags can be a great way to connect viewers with your content as they help people find content that they're interested in. Hashtags are a benefit to everyone, from video makers to viewers as it makes this connection easier to achieve. Researching the right hashtags to use for your content is a valuable use of your time.

Finding channels with similar content and connecting with them to collaborate on videos can be another great way to get more exposure to viewers who look for the subject of your content. Not only will the viewers from your collaborators channel discover your channel, but your viewers will also discover their channel, its a win win for everyone involved because often times those viewers will become subscribers of both channels, and the viewerss benefit because they've found more content that they like. Even larger channels may be willing to help you out by collaborating because they too started out somewhere and they often times know that it can be hard getting started. and will be nice enough to give you a hand. Don't be afraid to ask. Remember, collaborating with a competing channel can often times be a good thing and can be beneficial for both channels. Viewers want to see content that they're interested in, it's not very likely that they are going to ignore a channel posting quality content that they enjoy just because they found another channel posting the same kind of content.