Stock Music Central FAQ

Welcome to the Stock Music Center FAQ. We will try and answer all of your questions and concerns with this page, but if the information that you're looking for isn't here, please email us at

 What is Royalty Free Music?

Often times, when someone is planning on using a song in their project, whether it be a video, vlog, stream, ad, and so on, that person has to pay something called royalties to the artist of that music, usually per view or listen.

When the track is royalty free, it means that it can be used and heard without having to pay royalties to the artist because they have chosen to instead sell the license to use it for a one-time fee. This can be very useful and cost effective to those just starting out, and even for those that have already found success with their projects because they don't have to worry about paying out a large amount of money when the project becomes highly viewed.

What Are The Available Licenses and What Do They Include

At Stock Central we believe in keeping things simple and have only one license: Pro. In this license, which comes with the purchase of a track, you may use it for any commercial and non-commercial projects for an unlimited number of times. The only restriction on each track is that it may not be resold by itself.

 Do We Have to Mention Stock Music Central When Using The Music?

No, you do not have to mention us, nor give us any credit. When you buy a track from us or even download a free one during one of our give aways, you never have to give us any credit. We of course always appreciate mentions, but they are not necessary. Once you've downloaded the song you can use it for any commercial purpose without saying where you got it from because it takes up time and space in your content and that's not our goal. Our goal is to make things easier and to help our customers rather than to put any extra strain on them.

Can I Use The Track I Purchased For Social Media?

Yes you can! We provide music for use on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and any other social media platform! Furthermore, you can use the song for as many posts, reels, shorts, videos, and so on as you'd like to! It can often times be hard finding royalty free music to use for your social media posts because the various platforms that provide music for their members to use often have to buy the rights for that music to be used.

Find affordable licensed music that you can make a one-time purchase of to use for commercial and non-commercial projects can be a great way to ensure that you will always have tracks to use rather than relying on songs that may not always be available for what you would like to use them for or for what you already have used them for. Having to take content down and repost it is something that no one wants to need to do, especially if their work is already doing well.