8 Great YouTube Channels for Beginner Creators to Observe

One of the best ways to learn more about the types of videos that you want to make and how to make them as high quality, entertaining, or informative as possible is to see how other skilled content creators are doing it! We've created this list after studying YouTube channels across various genres of videos and come up with a list of some of the best channels that we believe are a great option for observing, and learning about video creation through observation! We will also help break down some of the ways they create great content, and the reasons that they do so well! Keep in mind that these are in no specific order and we are not claiming one to be better than another, these are simply what we believe to be some of the best ones to watch and learn from.


1. Infographics

Infographic is a documentary channel covering a very wide range of topics, everything from various history events, to lists of facts about various groups, and even "what if" and "what would happen" scenarios. This channel, while covering a lot of different topics, actually does a good job of keeping within its primary purpose which is giving information. By doing this, they've ensured that they have a massive number of viewers.

The channels videos are all very well put together using custom illustrations that go well with what the narrator is talking about as he discusses the topic of that video. They create a very informative production that covers things that many people are interested in and by doing so they have been able to bring a wide variety of different kinds of viewers interested in a wide variety of history, modern places and things, and even possible future events! Watching this channel can help give you the inspiration you're looking for and it even reveals that not every video has to be a live action, camera pointed in your direction production, which is great for those who don't want to actually be on camera! 


 2. Mark Plier

Mark Plier is a gaming channel YouTuber who also creates other entertaining, unique videos including animations. In his videos he has an energetic presence which can be a major factor in the level of entertainment value of content, and he keeps things humorous. This causes his channel to be ideal for those who are looking for something to wind down with after a long day at work or school, and the proof is in the number of subscribers he has. 

He does a good job of keeping his videos unique, which can be important for channel types that may have a lot of competition. Remember, one of your focuses in many different genres should be to stand out.


3. Kyle Hill

Kyle Hill is another popular creator and, on his channel, he creates videos based around science. Often times your best content will be about something that you enjoy, and he is a good example of that. He uses what he loves to create high quality, unique and well put together videos the a huge entertainment value. This has brought him a lot of subscribers, and his energy on camera helps make him stand out from other informative science based channels! 


4. Mark Felton Productions

Mark Felton Productions is another great documentary channel that primarily covers World War 2, everything from the various politicians of the time who took part, the battles that took place throughout the war, and even the major events that had a far reaching impact on history! 

Mark does this by discussing the topic of the documentary over various images and footage of the subject of the video. It's well thought out so that the facts flow together smoothly creating the ideal informative video that that attracts a lot of viewers interested in the videos. He also uses good, consistent intro music for each of his videos that works within the theme of his channel. 


 5. Mark Wiens

Mark Wiens is a traveler who covers two major topics that work well together on his channel: travel, and food. He visits location all across the globe, like Asia, and the Middle East, and when he arrives, he tries all the different types of foods offered by various cultures, popular street vending, and more! It is a very well put together travel channel that takes two things that many people care about and are curious about. 

This is a great example of mixing topics that go great together to cover a wider range of viewer interest. He's always going to interesting places, locations that a lot of his viewers would like to travel to, and he's always trying the various types of food that can be found in those destinations, which many of his viewers are curious about. When you can find multiple things that are closely related like this, you can increase your viewership and the level of entertainment!


 6. HowToBasic

HowToBasic is another channel that has done a good job of attracting a wide range of viewers for itself as it covers a variety of tutorial subjects! It covers everything from cooking food to fixing electronics and much more. It is able to cover this wide variety of topics because it uses its main how to purpose to bring them all under one channel.

Rather than focusing on the entertainment factor alone, it has taken something that everyone needs, tutorials filled with information on how to do many different tasks, and has created high quality, well narrated and informative videos. This is a another great example of how a channel can cover a number of topics while still remaining on point.


7. Chubbyemu

Chubbyemu is a medicine-based channel where the host, a doctor himself, takes the viewer through various medical stories that he's heard from his colleagues, and as he tells the stories, he teaches about why certain medical issues in them happened and gives a ton of biological information while footage relating to what he's talking about plays. This is everything from animations of body parts to live action footage of people in the real world. 

Where this channel shines is in the incredible level of information given in each video, which in itself creates high entertainment value due to the subject matter, medical stories, as well as the high level of quality. We of course also have to point out it's use of the same great musical tracks consistently which go well with the subject matter and can help the viewers remember to check out their channel to see if any new videos have come out! They might be thibking about the track they heard in an earlier video which is always a great way to help them remember something that they might want to come back and see more of.


8. WatchMojo

Watch Mojo is a very well made channel that creates things like top 10 lists in the forms of videos. These types of videos are often very popular but they can also bring a high level of competition, and they counteract this with a focus on high quality and entertainment. From well done narration to smoothly flowing music, and energetic pacing, they create fun to watch content that keeps their viewers coming back for more!


These are 8 great channels to learn from by watching so that you can formulate ideas about how to create entertaining content as well for your videos regardless of what they might cover. As you can see these channels are different from each other but they all keep their viewership high and steady and most of these creators are simply people who enjoy the subject matter of their videos and created their channels because they wanted to take what they loved and share it, and maybe even make another income stream while sharing what they love.