Background Music: What It Is And How To Use It

Background music often plays an important and versatile role in many different forms of media and productions in today's world, and it has become widely used across many different industries for many different purposes! We've all heard this kind of track in movie scenes that use it to give a little boost for the emotions that the director wants to invoke, and we've all even heard it inside an elevator to make the trip from the bottom floor to the top floor a little more enjoyable, or in a department store to help create a more easy-going atmosphere for shoppers. In this article, we are going to go over its various uses, and how to make good use of it for, videos, podcasts, streaming, cinematic productions, and any other content that you might create! It is after all, a great way to liven up any form of content!

What is Background Music?

This type of song is usually a track that is put into place in the content that is being made as a sort of seasoning. It can take dead air where a video is silent and turn it into a calm moment in between dialogue thusly improving the quality of the project and it's over all professionalism. Often times it can take the form of a popular mainstream song that we all know which can help add to enjoyment of the moment that it is used for, and sometimes it can be a less known track made specifically for the purpose of creating atmospheres like calmness, adventurous or even creepiness, and all in between for the project being worked on.

Sometimes you might hear it in a stream, or even a vlog or podcast where the host is holding a conversation or even where the streamer is doing an activity that maybe requires focus so that they' unable to speak much. It's ability to play a part in these types of situations makes it an extremely useful asset for any creator! For example, a documentary video might make use of it fora build up to a dramatic revealing moment about a historical event or person, or a video game may use it for a part of the game where the player can do many different things like exploring or leveling up. Used right, it can be a powerful tool!

How to Use it

When selecting the right background music, it's important to first decide what your goal for this tool will be. Are you simply trying to cover up some dead air in your video, or maybe you're trying to evoke certain emotional responses to your content, or perhaps your trying to heighten the feeling that you are going for in a scene. Figuring out what your exact goal is for the music in your work is an important first step to picking the right track!

Once you've got this first step figured out, it's time to find what your looking for. There are multiple ways that this can be done. For example, if you're looking to use a specific song that may have some popularity behind it, searching for the legal owners of that music, often a record label or a collection of record labels, is the best way to go about it. More popular songs can often come with a huge price tag in the form paying royalties to the artist or paying the owner of the rights to use that song.

Of course, on this subject, we have to bring up an often more affordable option! If you're not looking to use a popular track from the mainstream, royalty free music from a dealer or website like ours. This can be a great option for all the parts of your videos, vlogs, podcasts, and so on that may need background music or even a stream that may need a track to help fill dead air. This option can be the right choice if you need the song fast and if you want to keep the licensing simple and don't have a large budget to spend on your video/presentation soundtracks. There is a wide variety of this type of song for sell so take your time in finding the one that works for you.

Once you have your track selected, the next step will be deciding exactly how you want to use it and where to place it if you haven't already. This can be an easy step for most projects, but if you're looking to evoke an emotional response for the further enjoyment and immersive experience of your viewers, you'll have to be a bit more strategic. Even if the music appears to be a small portion weaved into the overall work, it can be a very important piece in the project and setting it up to play at the right time can have a major impact on your viewers!

For example, the right music coming on at the right moment in a more peaceful and relaxing themed video can make a world of difference, or perhaps a more terrifying moment that uses creepier track can enhance the enthrallment that the viewer feels over the course of the scene. Another use for background music can be use multiple tracks over a long video or stream, in which it simply fill the role of adding to the entertainment of the overall project, especially when the right tracks are chosen for the theme or purpose of the project.

Even if it's simply a track to fill dead air in your video, it can play an important role in the entertainment value and professionalism in your work, so we recommend taking a look around online and seeing what you can find that fits your project! We offer royalty free music for these purposes here and if you'd like to take a look and see what we have just follow this link: Royalty Free Background Music for Vlogs, Videos, and More (